Joris van der Kamp

About myself

With my work I want to contribute to sustainable development in the agricultural sector. During my Soil Science studies in Wageningen, I gained as much international experience as possible: A Soil mapping and land use training in Spain, a research on Carbon stocks in the soil and vegetation in Indonesia, Working with smallholder farmers on soil fertility practices in the North of Ghana, and a 4 months geo-ecology course in Norway. After my studies I’ve been employed for almost 4 years at Soil & More International – a Dutch organisation internationally active in the field of Composting, Soil fertility and Sustainability Assessments of agricultural produce.

In the summer of 2012, I co-founded the initiative Future farmers in the Spotlight – a film project with the main aim to inspire young sustainable farmers in Europe. Next to this I work in several projects for Soil & More International, Wageningen University, DLV-Plant & more…….

Here you’ll find a list of my publications.